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Lewandowski: Leroy Sane could help Bayern Munich

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According to Robert Lewandowski, Manchester City winger Leroy Sane could theoretically help to boost Bayern Munich in the future.

Sane is expected to move to the Allianz Arena after his deal expires over a year, with City likely to want to ensure a financial return on its services in the summer.

Though Bayern has already been blessed with a number of world-class stars, Lewandowski believes that Sane will allow the team to “find new solutions.”

The Polish international is quoted by Goal.com as saying, “There is a lot of speculation. I can only claim that he is a fantastic player with a lot of talents that can be very well matched with his teammates.”

“Not just in the Premier League or the Champions League, we’ve already seen what he could do at Schalke. He could certainly help us find new solutions in our game.”

Since Sane met serious knee injury, he couldn’t make successful first-team outing this season.

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