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Leroy Sane agreed to a 30% lower salary at Bayern

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German winger Leroy Sane continues his career at Bayern and is determined to leave Manchester City this summer.

Sane’s contract with Manchester City expires in June 2021, and he has already agreed with Bayern and that he has even agreed to a 30 percent lower salary, claims German media.

Instead of 13 million euros, Sane should earn 9 million euros per season, which is significantly less than Robert Lewandowski, who earns 15 million, and he should sign a five-year contract with Bayern.

Now it remains for Manchester City and Bayern to agree on the amount of compensation. Last summer, City asked for 100 million euros, but now the circumstances are significantly different.

Sane has recently recovered from a knee injury and he has no at all played this season.  Also, Manchester City must sell some of the players in order to meet the conditions of financial fair play, and the deteriorating financial situation in European football due to the coronavirus pandemic should be taken into account.

Therefore, Bayern believes that 40 million euros in compensation is a reasonable amount, according to German Media.

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