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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Leko didn't receive an apology from Leeds for racial violence 

Leko didn’t receive an apology from Leeds for racial violence 

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West Brom winger Johnathan Leko was affected by the racial violence endured by Leeds goalkeeper Kiko Casilla, he claimed to be happy that the incident got over but didn’t receive an apology from the Spaniard’s team.

It took the former Real Madrid shot-stopper five months to be hit with an eight-match ban. When Leko was on loan at Charlton the accident took place last year on September 28.

Then, Leko was doubtful he would be “prepared to go through it all over again” he claimed if a similar incident occurred in the future, but he has had fruitful talks with the PFA since then still Leeds has not yet reached out.

“I’m really pleased now that’s done,” the 21-year-old told Sky Sports. “I was frustrated at the time that it took me so long to get dealt with. That also made me look guilty that no one listened to me or ever treated me seriously.”

“Now I have changed my stance and will be asking people to report every accident. I had a conversation with the PFA and they hope they will step up the procedure and encourage staff to respond, if it happens again.”

“I have had a lot of support-from Charlton in particular. I wasn’t having anything from the Leeds United side. It shocks me a little because I figured I’d get some sort of explanation, but I think they’ve got to protect their player.”

“And now it’s over and I want to move on. I don’t want to talk to him about it. No, I don’t want to.”