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Leeds protested Super League during PL clash with Liverpool

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Liverpool is one of 12 clubs that have agreed to join the new European Super League that is expected to “start as soon as possible” by August 2021. Since Sunday night’s announcement the first game featuring any of the 12 teams was marred by protests both inside and outside the stadium. Leeds and other club supporters protested Super League (ESL) as they gathered outside Elland Road to stage a rally, which included the burning of a Liverpool jersey, and a plane flew over the stadium with an anti-Super League message.

Uefa has also opposed ESL stating that the clubs, involved in the breakaway may be barred from European competition and all other national tournaments as a result of their deflection.

Liverpool lost their place in the top four of the Premier League after the club failed to defeat Leeds United and equalized the score to 1-1. Sadio Mane and Diego Llorente scored goals for their respective teams.

Within the stadium, Leeds protested Super League as players wore T-shirts with the words “Earn it” next to the Champions League logo and the slogan “Football is for the fans.” The same message was printed on a banner behind one of the goals. Later, Leeds’ gesture irritated Reds manager Jurgen Klopp when the English club left the shirts in Liverpool’s locker room in case they decided to protest. Klopp said that although he dislikes ESL, he and his players have no say in it.

Liverpool midfielder James Milner said: “We have to try to be professional and concentrate on the game – that’s all we can do. The first we heard of [the European Super League] was yesterday. Everyone’s got a lot of questions. My personal opinion is that I don’t like it and hopefully it doesn’t happen.”

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