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 Lazio will not accept termination says, Patric

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Lazio’s defender, Patric, said that when Serie A clubs and players return to the training they ‘will not embrace’ having their season cut short like Ligue 1.

However, the government has not yet determined if the 2019-20 season will be able to resume, All clubs are allowed to train from this week while holding on to social distance.

In an Instagram live conversation, Patric told El Chiringuito de Jugones, “We are not afraid and, with the right precautions, have to get back on the field. Football is no different to any other business, we’ve been at home for two months now and want to get back to work. If everything else is returning to normality, why shouldn’t we?”

Ligue 1 is the only top-five league to formally close early, along with the Netherlands and Belgium, so what would happen if the Italian Government wanted to do the same?

“We wouldn’t accept it,” replied Patric. “This is a historic moment for Lazio, we are having a fantastic season. They can’t assign the title when it’s so tight and there are 12 games left to go.”

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