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Lauren: Wenger was clever and Pat was the bravest 

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Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp’s likes dominated details of the “incredibly competitive” training sessions of the club, told former Arsenal defender Lauren.

Indeed, during intense intra-squad games, Wenger would often just sit back and watch players fighting as the French manager didn’t want to get between the most competitive stars of his squad.

“If there was a game, Wenger would say: ‘Who is the ref? ’ Pat Rice, Paul Johnson, Boro Primorac … No one wanted,” Lauren told The Guardian.

“Wenger was clever – he got out of there, went to the corner, hid, and just watched. Pat was the bravest and he’d finished up fighting with others.”

“There was argument after argument: Ljungberg with this guy, Keown with that guy, me with another guy. Dennis Bergkamp was a genius but he was also extremely competitive, so we won.”

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