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Lancaster believes Jadon is future Ballon d’Or winner

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Louis Lancaster regarded Manchester United as “a great move” for Jadon Sancho also the former head coach says the England international is “certainly a future Ballon d’Or winner.”

Lancaster to the South China Morning Post telling a player he worked within Watford’s youth system, the sky is the limit for Sancho, “I believe we’re probably looking at a potential Ballon d’Or winner-100 percent.”

He added: “Jadon wants to play football. This doesn’t matter whether he’s at a London council pitch, or in front of Wembley’s 80,000. He just needs to continue playing football. He just wants to win. He only needs to play the game and be challenged.”

“I think Man United is going to be a really great move for him. The team does have a tremendous history, the team is enormously competitive, but most significantly it is structurally set up for growth, off the pitch, and on the pitch.”

“If Jadon goes to Man United, they’ll be handling the ball on a bigger scale. He has Rashford [Marcus], [Paul] Pogba, [Anthony] Martial, [Bruno] Fernandes, [Harry] Maguire who can play out. So hopefully they’ll have more ball which is where he can add importance to the team.”

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