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Lampard spoke on the tight schedule of Chelsea

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Frank Lampard, head coach of Chelsea criticized the team’s schedule.

“Two games in two days, 48 hours. I’m not trying to be clever, it’s an important point for us because other teams who are in contention for the top places in the championship play two games in three days,” quotes Lampard ESPN.

“Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool will play two games in three or four days. It’s counterproductive for the quality of the Premier League, it’s a risk for the players if they play both games. Everyone knows that.”

“And I know exactly what happened: the game is broadcast live, as all matches are now. And we play with Arsenal on Boxing Day, and our match against Man City has been pushed back to Sunday [January 3].”

“So the schedule indicated that we couldn’t play, and Aston Villa also wanted to play on Tuesday, they needed another day. That’s what we wanted as well, but we were turned down by both the Premier League and the broadcasters.”

“I don’t know how that’s consistent with the principle of fairness. I think it’s wrong that it won’t do any good for players who perform at the top level. Don’t get me wrong, Aston Villa have the same problem.”

“But I’m just saying that we don’t get the same rest time as other teams. It’s bad for players to even go out and train, and then play 90 minutes at a high level. Everyone in the Premier League knows that.” 

Chelsea will play Arsenal tonight. The game against Aston Villa will be played on 28 December.

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