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Lampard: Resisting the temptation to socialize can be difficult for young players

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Tammy Abraham and Ben Chilwell were forced to sit out England’s friendly against Wales following their violation of Covid-19 protocols, after this Frank Lampard has reminded Chelsea’s players that breaking social-distancing rules could put lives in danger.

Resisting the temptation to socialize can be difficult for young players said Chelsea’s manager, he also added that they have a duty to remain within the football bubble. 

Abraham and Chilwell gave England a headache of choice after violating the “rule of six” rules of the government by attending a party with Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund, and Lampard pointed out that their actions may have contributed to more drastic consequences than having to separate themselves from teammates claims The Guardian.

“We shouldn’t cry too much because we’re able to do a job we love in these difficult circumstances,” Lampard said. “I suppose it’s different for me at 42 years of age. I am very happy to go home and spend time with my children and my wife. I quite like not mixing households at times. You can get some peace at home.”

“But when you’re 20, 22, 23, their lives are different and that’s why my words are not too harsh on Tammy and Ben. I know they’re good, decent lads. They admitted they made a mistake in terms of going to the party. They were apologetic and we move on.”

“Hopefully the words I did say will mean it won’t be happening again because it can certainly affect selection. I know that’s not what they’ll want either. As much as that, they need to consider what it could mean if you’re breaking the rules – it could endanger other people around you – and not be selfish. That’s more important than if they’ll be isolated from a squad or two. We all have to take those responsibilities. It’s much bigger than football.”

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