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Lampard on Willian’s future – “It’s his decision and I support him”

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Frank Lampard states Willian is himself going to decide his own future whether to leave Stamford Bridge or stay there and the Chelsea manager is ready to accept anything the winger chooses.

Due to injury received by Mikel Arteta’s side, Lampard was unable to pick Willian in the 2-1 FA Cup final loss.

Lampard claimed that he is helpless and cannot persuade him to remain at this level.

“This is his decision, I don’t have the answer,” Lampard told reporters. 

“I know the club’s ending situation. I have a wonderful friendship with Willian but I really don’t know what the choice is.”

“If it occurs somewhere over the next two days like he mentioned than in every case it will be perfect for me. I’m, of course, very pleased with Willian. For his input and work rate in the team, he’s been fantastic to me this season.”

“It’s his decision and I support him. If he wants to step on, he’s been a fantastic servant for Chelsea, so if he chooses to pass on, then Chelsea will step on and we’ll have to look forward.”

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