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Lampard advised officials to take safety decisions with common sense

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Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard advised the authorities to let any potential decision-making about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on English football be dictated by common sense and safety concerns.

In relation to another imminent Premier League break, Frank Lampard believes player welfare must transcend national morale.

Most of the United Kingdom is again under challenging constraints because of the second wave of COVID-19.

“I’ve not been given the chances of it being postponed, I’m just aware of the situation and at the moment the game is on,” Lampard told reporters on Friday.

“We know Man City had some positives within their training ground, we have had a couple ourselves but not on the playing staff, and that’s the current situation.”

“Generally, we feel probably as safe as the public because of the new surge in numbers we are seeing, so I think we feel the same. But we are in a more protected environment, certainly in the workplace.”

“I know some people are working from home or staying at home, but we are now being tested twice a week, I think that’s really important. I don’t really understand why we went down to once a week.”

“It seems to me the situation is we go game by game in terms of the games being called off due to positives around that game itself. I understand that, let’s just see how it goes as it is uncertain times.”

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