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Lack of efficiency irritated PSG coach Thomas Tuchel

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On Friday Paris Saint-Germain may have destroyed Angers 6-1, but what he portrayed as a “lack of efficiency” annoyed Thomas Tuchel.

“I was a little disappointed with our lack of efficiency,” Tuchel told Telefoot.

“We also produced a lot of opportunities, but in the box the timing and aggressiveness were stronger. We scored a lot of goals. With a fantastic result, we had a great match. It gave us a lot of confidence.”

“It is difficult to place the intensity on the ball in some games. Regaining the ball high in the half of the competition against a team that is not coordinated helps us to build possibilities more effectively than when we face a block of 10 defenders.”

“Closing gaps when attacking is really important. It’s challenging, it’s intensive, but that’s what we must do. It’s harder to make counter-attacks against us if we do so, and it helps us to create opportunities.”

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