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Kroos expects Super League revival

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Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos anticipates plans for a European Super League will be revived, as he refuted claims of the Premier League’s superiority.

Madrid president Florentino Perez has led calls for Europe’s elite clubs to secede from UEFA competitions and was the driving force behind last year’s proposed breakaway competition.

While most of the Super League’s slated participants withdrew following public and political pressure in April 2021, Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus have remained committed to the project.

In June, Perez branded UEFA’s control over the continental game a “monopoly” and declared the Super League was “still alive”, and Kroos supports the president’s plans.

Speaking on the podcast OMR, Kroos said:

“Never contradict your president!”

“It is obvious that the idea existed and still exists.

“It should have been in operation for a long time.

“I think it will take a while to carry it out.

“And I will probably not see it as an active player.

“My opinion is that I still believe it will come, but I can’t say when.”

Kroos, who has won four Champions League titles since leaving Bayern Munich for Madrid in 2014, also professed his desire to stay with Los Blancos.

He said of his relationship with Madrid president Perez:

“I’ve been at Real Madrid for eight years, and there was closeness from day one.

“I know that he hasn’t thought for a second about selling me in these eight years.

“At that time, I came for ‘only’ €25million. Indeed, I could have been sold later for more money.

“I have an excellent relationship with the club. I’ve grown very fond of it. The president, the team, the fans… so I won’t leave.”

It has been suggested the Premier League has developed into a quasi-Super League.

English top-flight clubs spent an estimated £ 2 billion on transfers during the recent window.

But Kroos, who helped Madrid beat Liverpool to claim their 14th European crown in May, says English clubs’ shortcomings on the continental front prove that is not the case.

Kroos added:

“The Premier League has not won an international title this year.

“Television money has been significantly higher in England for years, yet it hasn’t resulted in English teams winning everything.

“Thank god not all players look only at salary but also at winning.”

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