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Klostermann agreed to extend his contract with RB Leipzig

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Keeping Lukas Klostermann in the club, Germany’s international has accepted a contract extension at RB Leipzig until June 2024.

After being upraised to the 2. Bundesliga and making 159 appearances in all competitions for the side, The flexible defender joined Leipzig in 2014 and also contributed 11 goals and 10 assists.

Helping them to finish third in the Bundesliga in 2019-20, under Julian Nagelsmann Klostermann played 33 times, – five points ahead of Bayern Munich’s leaders – and the Champions League quarter-finals.

Klostermann said in a statement, “I am delighted to have renewed my deal at RB Leipzig and now there is certainty regarding my future,”.

“I feel very confident in the team and in the community, have always had trust here and have become a senior international player.” 

“Lukas is one of our absolute best performers and, despite being just 23 years old. He is also a very accomplished player who has made amazing progress with us so far,” added Sports director Markus Kroschel.

With Serbia in a 1-1 draw, Klostermann made his first national team appearance In March 2019.

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