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Klopp: We want to make more opportunities

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When Liverpool picked up a point with Everton in a scoreless draw, Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he believed his team was a little “lucky”.

“It all came from the blue. We were fortunate at the moment but afterward, we were in charge.” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“We didn’t have a lot of chances; we were dominant most of the time but they got the biggest chance that’s how it is.”

“It was a real struggle. Both teams have shown they understand that this is a derby-even without a crowd. It was intense, it was physical and all-in.”

“You’ve seen the derbies we’ve had before here-they’ve never been any better, I have to say! Every team is fighting like crazy so there is not much football in the end.”

“The players were in the game really, so it’s good. I liked our defense very much; high press, midfield press, good counter-press. We gained a lot of balls.”

“Of course we want to make more opportunities; we have to more clear in situations-pass the ball, shoot in the right moment, more crosses,” he said.