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Klopp is impressed with Jordan’s performance at Anfield

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Jordan Henderson is now “a role model for future Liverpool captains,” Jurgen Klopp believes as he revealed that the Reds skippers will lift the Premier League trophy, despite his season-ending injury.

“We’ll try whatever we can to do things the best way,” he assured reporters

“I don’t know what the rules are if you can’t lift the trophy if you’re not in the start lineup or anything else? That’s not a rule? Okay, so Hendo’s going to be there and wear the match kit, and it’s going to be all right.”

“It was a huge blessing that the injury is not as bad as we thought it was at first. He deserves lifting the trophy for what he’s done over the last few years. If he had had surgery and had been in hospital, then it would have been hard. Still, he isn’t. His recovery starts immediately; he’ll be fine in a couple of weeks.”

“We are trying to find a way that we can show the appreciation that he needs. The players, by the way, all want that. They want to have him in there.”

“He’s the only captain I had here at Liverpool, and I’m glad it was decided before I came in.”

“Hendo grew in that role and now he’s probably a role model for Liverpool’s next-generation skippers. That’s absolutely great and it is nice to be part of this development.”

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