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Klopp: I am not special, I am normal

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After a long wait of 30 years, Liverpool has won their first league title since 1990 but Jurgen Klopp said he wasn’t different.

Jurgen Klopp claims he was “still the normal” after achieving Liverpool’s long-awaited league title.

Liverpool boss said that he hadn’t changed since the reins at Anfield in October 2015 when he had called himself ‘the normal one’.

“I am still the normal one. I. Am. Not. Special,” he told the Mirror.

“I have a few skills and, luckily, they are needed in football, which is something I really love, but that’s all. I am not special. I am not fishing for compliments.”

“I think I am a good guy, I think I am a nice guy. That sounds boring but it is the truth.”

Klopp has won the Premier League, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup, since taking over responsibility for Liverpool

But the 53-year-old, having coached against Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson – who turns 73 next month – in June, has no intention to prolong his managerial career too long.

“I don’t see me doing that at that age. When I became a manager, I thought … ‘Right, now 25 power years start,” Klopp said.

“I was seven and a half years at Mainz, seven at Dortmund and in 2024 it will be 23 and a half.”

“I have no plans beyond that.”