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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Kai Havertz scored double for Bayer defeating Werder

Kai Havertz scored double for Bayer defeating Werder

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German Bundesliga’s last match of the 26th round, Werder was defeated by the Bayer Leverkusen players 4-1 (2-1) in Weser Stadium in Bremen without any Fans/Supporters.

Kai Havertz scored double for Bayer scoring each goal in the 28th and 33rd minutes. It was Werder’s only bright moment in the game as Gebre Selassie equalized in the 30th minute for the home team.

For a convincing victory for Bayer, Weiser (61) and Demirbay (78) scored in the second half.

Just one point behind, Bayer came close to fourth-placed RB Leipzig with this 50-point victory, but Bayer remained in fifth place.

On top, it is Bayern having 58 points, four more than second-placed Borussia Dortmund. The third is Borussia Moenchengladbach with 52 points.

With a game less and a point more than Paderborb who is at the back, Werder is in the penultimate place with 18 points.

The matches between Hertha and Union Berlin will start the 27th round in just four days, on Friday, May 22, resuming after a two-month break due to a coronavirus-caused pandemic. the second since the German championship.