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Jurgen Klopp: We need five substitutions

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Premier League clubs need five substitutions, believes Jurgen Klopp in order to ensure the welfare of the players.

“Yes. Some people thought it would be an advantage for us before the season, the people who said we should stick to five substitutions,” Klopp replied to Daily Mail, when asked if he feels that earlier in the year the five substitutions concept had been a success.

“But it was never—and I will promise you this as I am a Christian—it wasn’t about having an advantage for a second. All other countries have done so. Italy has the biggest squads, Juventus, Inter Milan, but the other clubs still say, “We need five subs.”

“It’s not about me. It’s not about Liverpool. It’s about the health of the player. It’s about the welfare of the player. Nothing more. The issue is that if you ask the players, they say, ’I’m fine!’. They always want to play. Always. Unless they are injured. Then they’re not the strongest source.”

“The PFA is not supposed to ask the players, “What are you thinking?” ’Common sense is it. Since the problem is obvious, the LMA does not have to ask the managers what we think. Make the choice. Three or five? The best solution is five. Do it.”

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