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Jurgen Klopp sent a letter to the government on reintroducing crowds

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Jürgen Klopp said next month English football must allow fans to return to stadiums as it plays a crucial role in bringing happiness to the lives of people.

Premier League explained that 100,000 jobs are reliant on match day events and that every month without fans costs £100 m to the industry as it expressed frustration at the possible delay for supporters returning from 1 October, in a letter to the government according to The Guardian.

Liverpool manager argues that football should be given every opportunity to assess it as planned and in favor of reintroducing crowds, there is also a significant psychological aspect.

“First and foremost we had to bring people back to work so that the economy can start getting healthy again in all countries. But now, after all the necessary stuff is in a better place than before, we are all human beings and human beings want to have some joy as well, to do the important work they have to do. I think we are part of that – giving joy to the people. If we can create a safe environment in the stadiums for people, and only then, then there should be an opportunity for them.”

“I can not decide if we are able to do that or not. I am pretty sure we can and we should have a close look at what other countries try and what the impact is because if France and Germany bring people back and nothing happens then it should be possible for us as well. It’s not the most important thing in the world but it’s important that between all the worries and uncertainties we have we give people the opportunity to go back to a football stadium. It is part of our life. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later.”

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