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Jurgen Klopp said we are not politicians

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In the midst of ongoing criticism around the 2022 World Cup, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has stated that players and managers are not politicians. The host nation of Qatar has come under fire for its views on same-sex couples, records on human rights, and treatment of migrant labor. Additionally, Klopp claims that it was wrong to have the championship games there. Gareth Southgate shouldn’t be forced to speak about everything all the time, advised Klopp. Like me, he is not a politician. Despite not being a politician, he has an opinion.

All 32 World Cup teams have received letters from Fifa advising them to concentrate on the game of football. The manager and the players should now be free to focus on playing their respective roles in the match, according to Klopp. Let Southgate coach England; if you want to write something different about it, then write it, Klopp remarked. But you did it on your own without consulting us, and you wrote things like “Klopp said” and “Southgate said” as if it would make a difference.

In 2010, Qatar won the vote of Fifa’s 22 executive members and secured the World Cup. After a two-year inquiry, Qatar was exonerated of charges that it paid Fifa officials bribery totaling £3 million ($3.7 million) to win their support. Sepp Blatter, the current chairman of Fifa, supported Qatar’s candidacy at the time, but he subsequently stated that the organization may have made the incorrect choice.

Due to the extreme heat in Qatar during the summer, the World Cup is being held in the winter for the first time, and six of the eight stadiums needed to be constructed. When asked if footballers were involved in the decision that Qatar would win the bid, Klopp responded, “No, it was football politics.” Do you mean Ricardo Teixeira, a Brazilian man?

The media ought to have taken more action. Do you honestly believe that what we accomplished was sufficient? You are now fabricating a tale after the fact, emerging from the shadows to put the players under duress with inquiries. The other guys will request that Harry Kane refrains from making political statements if he decides to wear the armband.

I don’t mean to argue that you allowed it to happen, but we all allowed it to be organized by other people. All options were available. Even though there are wonderful individuals there and not everything is horrible, Klopp continued, the way it transpired was just improper, to begin with. What would happen was previously obvious, and now it is being said that it is challenging to construct a stadium in Qatar because we must do so during the summer when the temperature is 50 degrees. It is unhealthy for individuals to work physically demanding jobs outside.

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