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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Jurgen Klopp reached an agreement with Barcelona for Dembele

Jurgen Klopp reached an agreement with Barcelona for Dembele

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Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach is keen on Barca forward Ousmane Dembele, reports sports.es.

The English club wants to reinforce their attack for a new season and has entered into an agreement with the Catalan side on the prospect of having the player on a loan. 

Mane, Salah and Frimino, are strong attacking trio but German coach Klopp wants to raise competition and add depth. He thinks the capacity and skill of Dembele will add another dimension to their options.

Liverpool has now moved out to mark the possibility of adding Dembele, with former Barça midfielder Thiago set to sign from Bayern Munich. They were going to take his salary and pay a small fee on a one-year loan. Barça did not reply to the offer yet, but the initial idea is that if it’s just for a loan agreement they won’t make him quit.

Recovered from his latest injury, Dembele is training for his fourth Camp Nou season. In the previous three, he was unable to show his maximum potential. Injuries are his greatest handicap, and his worst was last season. He has not played competitively since November.

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