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Jurgen Klopp enjoys seeing Arsenal in the current mood

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp states he likes Mikel Arteta’s recent comeback defending Arsenal.

“To be honest, this is brilliant for the Premier League,” claimed Klopp in Liverpool’s program.

“From a selfish point of view, not perfect for us but in a contest full of them, it is another outstandingly good team. But Arsenal is a wonderful football club, so as a football fan, I enjoy seeing them in this kind of mood.”

“The news that a player I know very well is committed to remaining with them is bittersweet on a related subject. I have been fortunate to meet, for a long time, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and his family. As well as being a great athlete, he is a great person.”

“I tell ‘bittersweet’ about his renewal of the deal because it makes our lives that much harder as an adversary who has to face him.”

“But then, as a football lover and someone who now works in the Premier League, watching the absolute best in the world do their thing here is so fantastic for the rivalry. Definitely, he is that.”

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