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Jürgen Klopp doesn’t want to make new signatures and desires to focus on budding footballers

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Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool Manager, notified fans that the club is not going to waste big this summer and rather will look to promote more youth.

The Reds have spent heavily in recent years on the likes of Alisson and Virgil van Dijk, assisting to guide them to the honor of the Premier League and Champions League, but the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak is likely to dissuade other teams from spending huge this summer.


Klopp has confessed before that he wouldn’t be eligible to explain spending money around this summer, but he’s now insisted (via Sky Sports News) that his team doesn’t require that kind of investment anyway.

“COVID has, of course, influenced both sides with ins and outs, that is completely normal, and it’s just not likely that it will be the busiest summer in the world,” Klopp said. “But maybe at a later point in the year, if the transfer window is still open, we will know more.”

“But this squad…look at it. It is not a squad you have to change now and say ‘OK, we need this position and this position’. We don’t have a first XI, I say we have a first 16 or 17, they can all play to the same level. But we have to use this, 100%.”

“We cannot spend millions and millions and millions because we want to or we think it is nice to do. We never wanted that.”

Instead of making new signatures, Klopp added that he would like to concentrate on getting even more youngsters into Anfield.

“We want to strengthen this squad and this squad is strong. The problem with a strong squad is how do you improve a strong squad in the transfer market?” he said. “It works with money, obviously, that is possible. But it never works only with money.”

“You have to be creative and we try to be creative. We try to find solutions internally and there is still a lot to come: we have three or four players who can make big steps.”

Midfielder Curtis Jones, right-back Neco Williams, and winger Harvey Elliott will be given a chance to push themselves more next year and are close to breaking into the senior side of Klopp.

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