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Jurgen Klopp confirms Thiago will take a few weeks more to recover

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Thiago Alcantara is still recovering from Everton’s knee injury and is “few weeks” from returning to Liverpool, confirmed by manager Jurgen Klopp.

Thiago Alcantara is not expected to play for Liverpool again until at least the end of 2020, while Jordan Henderson is back to fitness.

For the Reds, the Spanish international has not performed since October 17 when 2-2 draw in the Merseyside derby was played at Goodison Park 

“Thiago we have to maybe clarify it a little bit,” Klopp told reporters on Monday according to the official website.

“On that day when Thiago got injured in that challenge in the Everton game, there was another bad injury [to Virgil van Dijk] and after the scans, it was like one was really bad news and the other one was really good news because nothing was broken, nothing was ruptured and stuff like this.

“But, as we realize now, it was still a massive impact on the knee. The problem is in a situation like that, nothing is ruptured and nothing is broken and that means everybody thinks, ‘Okay, you can go after a few days’, but the impact on the leg was that big that it is still not okay.

“It is not massive and he trains from time to time, not at the moment because we just have to realize that we have to go a few further steps. I can’t say exactly when he will be fine, but it will take a few weeks still with Thiago.”

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