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Julian Nagelsmann:  to become a prominent coach like Jurgen Klopp in EPL is a serious task

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Leipzig head coach Julian Nagelsmann has commented on his EPL job. It was earlier recorded that Tottenham were showing interest in him.

“I have a contract until 2023, so I will stay at Leipzig. The EPL is a very interesting league and to become a prominent coach there like Jurgen Klopp, who has achieved great success, is a serious task. I could take that step in the future,” Nagelsmann told The Telegraph.

“But in football, it’s difficult to answer questions like “How long will you coach Leipzig and when will you move to the EPL?”

“I can imagine going to the EPL. But I can also imagine spending my whole career in the Bundesliga. It’s great to coach in my own country. I like it very much. But maybe in the future Klopp and I will meet in the EPL, who knows.”

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