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Julian Draxler: I was dreaming of moving to other club this summer

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Julian Draxler, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder revealed that he was counting a summer move amid links with Premier League outfit Leeds United.

“It didn’t go well at all last season,” Draxler told Bild

“Then the season canceled due to coronavirus, not at a sports level and also because of my injuries. For me, it was certainly a season to forget.”

Germany International endured that he pondered a move away but eventually did not see a circumstance that matched it.

“I was dreaming about going to do something else in the summer,” Draxler said. 

“It was eventually difficult to find a club because of the coronavirus situation where I would have said: ‘All fits well together, I really want to [come here].’”

“That wasn’t the case, so I thought I will not dare take a fast shot and try to look for my place in Paris.”

When asked if he was able to take a smaller pay to make a move possible, Draxler said: “Definitely. The top priority is not to sign a deal at the same wage. It really needs to be right with the overall package.”

“It will be a great sense of improvement at this stage, one year before the European Championship, I can imagine playing at the club, that good football is played there and that I play an important part.”

“Once I’m free and another club doesn’t have to discuss a move with Paris, things will look better next year.”

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