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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Joshua Kimmich will inherit jersey #6 from Thiago

Joshua Kimmich will inherit jersey #6 from Thiago

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Bayern Munich Joshua Kimmich is set to wear the # 6 jersey for the Bundesliga league opener against Schalke, according to Bild

He will acquire the number from Thiago Alcantara, who is set to complete a move to Liverpool in the next hours.

It’s no big deal to change the number, but going forward it does tell us that Kimmich is going to be a permanent midfielder. 

Even though he was world-class at the back of the season, Kimmich has always wanted to be a permanent midfielder, even as he helped out in the Champions League final for Bayern.

So, it makes sense for Kimmich to choose #6 as soon as it becomes available. However, after so many years of seeing the same players wear the same numbers, it will take some getting used to. Bayern has a new #6, a new #7, and a new #10, all taking the pitch at the same time.

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