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José Mourinho on Ndombele: “Football is full of players who have made difficult starts”

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José Mourinho, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, urged that he still assumes that the Frenchman can still turn things around and he believes in record signing Tanguy Ndombele.

In England Ndombele’s debut season had been difficult, harmed by fitness and form problems, and recently finds himself benched by Mourinho, though rumors of a rift in the relationship between the two have been released.

Southampton’s Pierre-Emile Højbjeg has been honored as a probable alternate for the troubled Frenchman, who is said to have said Mourinho he plans to part this summer, but the manager defended that Ndombele still has time to get it together.

“If you don’t have talent, you don’t have any chance,” Mourinho said of Ndombele (via The Telegraph). “If you have talent, you have a chance.”

“Football is full of players who have made difficult starts and then ended well. When Luka Modrić arrived at Real Madrid after six months he was labeled the worst signing in their history. A few months later he was a champion, then a few months later he was a European champion and then a few months later he has voted the best player in the world. So when the talent is there many things that can happen with adaptation.”

Since the restart, Ndombele has been an unused substitute in both Spurs’ matches and has played only 12 Premier League games so far this season, but Mourinho insists that getting good players on the bench is a symbol of the consistency of a squad.

“When you are a big club and you want to be a bigger club, you have lots of big players, you don’t have fix or six, 10 or 11, you have lots of very good players,” he added. “When you have lots of good players, you have lots of options.”

“You can face the season, you can face all the competitions and then the players, the fans, you the press, everyone has to understand that when you have lots of good players, you can only start matches with 11.”

“In many other clubs, it looks like it’s normal to have great players on the bench. You go to United, you go to Liverpool, you go to Real Madrid, you go to Barcelona, Bayern Munich has lots of top players on the bench. That is normal.”

“In Tottenham, what I feel is every time a top player is on the bench it’s a drama and the players have to understand that it’s not a drama. You have to understand it’s not a drama and everybody has to understand it’s not a drama.”