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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Jose Mourinho labeled Kane as ‘man of the match’ during Son’s interview

Jose Mourinho labeled Kane as ‘man of the match’ during Son’s interview

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Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho jokingly named Harry Kane his man of the match interrupting Sunday post-match interview with Son Heung-Min.

Everyone noticed the man of the match in the game was Son but Mourinho evidently thought differently as he cut off the BBC Sport interview of the attacker to declare: “Man of the match, Harry Kane.”

Son handled the awkward moment, laughing and agreeing with his mentor before honoring his Spurs team-mate.

“I’ll say Harry is a man of the match because he’s scored a goal, he’s given four assists,” he said.

“We’ve been working together with Harry for so long, this is the sixth season, we know each other, and we want to have a good relationship on and off the pitch.”

“I think we’re working really hard to have a better relationship, much better than now, so it’s not perfect, obviously, but we’re aiming for a perfect relationship.”

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