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Jose Mourinho: I don’t like to compare players

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Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho asserted that “world-class” were his two most prolific offensive players.

As Tottenham prepared for Sunday’s fixture against Crystal Palace, José Mourinho declined to be drawn into discussions as to whether Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are the best pair he has handled. 

“I don’t like to compare players, and some weeks ago I saw in some special media like I had chosen my all-time team,” Mourinho said claim The Guardian. “It’s completely fake because it’s something I always refuse to do. Never.”

“I owe so much to my players that I would never say: ‘This is my favorite keeper, this is my favorite center-back, this is my favorite striker.’ Never. I never do that. I don’t compare players. I’m just grateful to players that gave everything for me. Sonny and Kane, without comparing them with other players, they are, I repeat, world-class players. World-class players. I’m not telling anything different than that.”

“It is not about me, it is about the team and if it was about me it would have to be the coaching staff of the month because without the other guys it would not be possible. This kind of thing I never feel it as an individual award, I always feel that it belongs to the team and the results we did. If we don’t have three victories and one draw at Stamford Bridge in November, for sure we wouldn’t have any chance to win it. It is about the team.”

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