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Jose Mourinho: I am not accountable for Manchester United’s high number of penalties

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Tottenham Hotspur manager commented after Marcus Rashford intimated that Jose Mourinho gives him advice on how to win more penalties.

Ahead of Tottenham’s away Premier League game against Sheffield United on Sunday, Mourinho addressed the media on Friday and was asked about Rashford’s remarks.

Jose Mourinho has indicated that he is not accountable for Manchester United’s high number of penalties.

“Look, first of all, Liverpool versus Manchester United is a big match that doesn’t need me to make it bigger,” Mourinho said according to the Mirror.

“Or it doesn’t need me to do any headlines before such a big match that I know means so much for both clubs and supporters’ population, so I’ll leave comments for later not for now.”

“But if you feel the need to write something about it, do it in a very simple way.”

“Stats, go to Opta, stats, go to my history as a manager in my more or less 10 Premier League seasons. Compare numbers and take your conclusions.”

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