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Jose Mourinho enters 20/21 with positivity

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Jose Mourinho completed the 2019/20 season with an extraordinary game and all set to begin season 2020/21 with positive thoughts.

Extending a sequence that has seen Hotspur play in European football since 2010/11 and in 13 of the last 14 seasons going back to 2006/2007, Jose guided Spurs to sixth in the Premier League to secure next season’s European qualification, since joining the club as head coach back in November.

“One more year for Spurs, one more year for myself,” Jose reflected on the final day of the season last weekend, after the draw at Palace. “It’s an important European competition (Europa League) and since day one, the season has had so many difficulties that I think it’s positive in the end.”

“The players are happy, especially because in the last few months we managed to do that, when the boys worked so hard, even during the lockdown, those sessions were brilliant and I think they deserve it.”

This season in nine games Jos Mourinho’s side conquered sixth place with five wins, three draws, and one defeat, after an excellent return from lockdown. That run included a huge successive week of victories over Arsenal, Newcastle and Leicester City.

The nine games after lockdown were not only important for the 2019/20 season but for the upcoming season, which is set to kick-off on September 12, said Jose.

“It’s positive, but the feeling is a few more matches and it probably would be different and without so many injuries … Just a few less, that’d be different too.”

“But it’s over, and it ended in a positive way for next season and with a positive feeling. Now it’s time for the players to disconnect, rest and be back with the unity they are showing day after day, thinking next season will be better for us.”

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