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Jose Mourinho commented on 2-3 defeat to Lazio

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Jose Mourinho’s side Roma lost to Lazio in the sixth round of the Italian league Serie A. Roma failed to win over Lazio however, Ibanez and Jordon Veretout scored two goals for their club. AS Roma head coach Jose Mourinho has commented on the team performance following the Serie A 6th round clash against Lazio. After 90 minutes the match score resulted in 2:3. 

AS Roma failed to secure a victory for the second time in the 2021-22 Serie A season. Disappointed coach Jose Mourinho shared his views on the clash against Lazio. “First of all, I have to say something positive: Italian football has improved a lot, both in terms of the quality of the attacking football and in the desire from teams to try and win games. It was a fantastic match. Unfortunately, the referee and VAR weren’t up to the standards of the game,” the Portuguese stated, the club’s press office reports.

“You raise the incident for the second goal, where it could have been 1-1 instead of 2-0: the referee got it wrong on the pitch and VAR, I’m not sure whether that is at Coverciano, was wrong too. Both of them got it wrong. That’s too much. Even a second yellow card for Lucas Leiva could have had a big impact, because playing 11 against 10 can make a big difference. And, of course, there’s another thing – two very similar situations this week which have seen Lorenzo Pellegrini get a red card and today, nothing.”

“I back my players, though, because I think that Roma were the better team on the pitch. Obviously whenever you concede three goals you have made mistakes, but for both the second and third goals they were scored on the counter-attack. And, with the second, the team was expecting to get a penalty and not to have to defend the counter”.

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