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Jonathan Barnett: Gareth Bale has no problem with Real Madrid, he still loves the club

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Agent, Jonathan Barnett, of Tottenham midfielder Gareth Bale, has commented about his client’s probable return to Real Madrid after his loan spell.

“He still loves Real Madrid. He has no problem with the club, it’s a great club. For Bale to come back won’t be a problem,” Barnett said to Goal.

“The club just has to decide if they need him if he will play for Real and so on. I think we should ask Mr. Zidane if he needs Bale. I don’t think he does.”

“Bale has a great relationship with Mourinho, no problems. The problems are created by the journalists but there are no problems.”

“We expected Gareth to play more. Things haven’t gone too well, but the team is not doing too well either.”

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