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Joey Barton: A case of ‘assault by beating’ against Joey Barton has been dismissed

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Joey Barton: A case of ‘assault by beating’ against Joey Barton has been dismissed. Joey Barton attended Wimbledon Magistrates Court on Monday to hear the outcome of an “assault by beating” trial. The case included an incident in June 2017 involving Mr. Barton’s wife; because Mr. Barton was denied a fair trial, the case was dismissed. Joey Barton’s accusation of “assault by beating” has been dropped.

The decision was announced in front of the Bristol Rovers management at Wimbledon Magistrates Court. The lawsuit centers around an incident that happened in June 2017 at Joey Barton’s house in southwest London’s Kew. The prosecution said that during a drunken argument between Mr. Barton and his wife, Georgia, Mrs. Barton sustained a golf ball-sized head bruising.

However, soon after the incident, Mrs. Barton got in touch with the prosecutors to ask that nothing be done to her husband. She claimed that her wounds were accidental in nature. Mr. Barton was informed by District Judge Andrew Sweet that he would not be given a fair trial. He informed Barton that these processes would continue. You can leave the dock at any time.

After a court determined that Joey Barton could not have a fair trial, he was exonerated of the charge of beating his wife. When Mrs. Barton called 999 just before 11.15 p.m., Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard that she was visibly frightened and shaken. Mrs. Barton is reported to have suffered a bruise on her forehead and a bleeding nose. She called the operator and reported that Barton had struck her in the face immediately before officers arrived at the site in less than 25 minutes, leaving her with a bloody nose. “My husband just assaulted me in the house,” she added.

I was shoved and kicked around and whatnot, Mrs. Barton was heard saying in a body-worn video produced in court. About five minutes after the officer noticed a little lump and some blood, Mrs. Barton told another officer she was being thrown to the ground by her husband, who had just lost it. She claimed that the alleged attack came out of the blue and that he started kicking me around. She added this while clutching an ice pack to her head.

She only demanded that he be ejected from the area.
According to prosecutor Daniel O’Donoghue, the video of Barton’s detention demonstrates that he was obviously drunk. He is seen being awakened by cops while still only wearing his boxer shorts and painstakingly putting on his shorts, a polo shirt, and socks.

Barton, who made one appearance for England in 2007 and played for teams like Manchester City, Newcastle, Queen’s Park Rangers, and Marseille, denied assault by beating. Although his wife declined to provide a written witness statement, she wrote to the Crown Prosecution Service in advance of the anticipated trial in March.

The court heard testimony from Mrs. Barton during the earlier legal debate. She claimed in a letter to the prosecution that she and her husband had been drinking four or five bottles of wine with two other couples. She explained that her injuries were unintentionally inflicted when friends intervened in the dispute and that she wasn’t sure whether what she told the police was accurate.

Despite their claim that the story was an effort to clear her husband, the prosecution decided not to speak with her or summon her to testify. The prosecution contends she would not be a credible witness and has presented an exculpatory story to help Mr. Barton and undercut the comments made on the evening, which we think are quite evident on the video, according to Mr. O’Donoghue, who delivered the following statement on Monday.

District Judge Andrew Sweet noted that the CPS had the option of forcing Mrs. Barton to testify or treating her as a hostile witness. I am confident that the Crown’s decision not to get a statement from or speak with Mrs. Barton conflicts with the law, he said. I am confident that under these conditions Mr. Barton would not be able to receive a fair trial.

After being released from court, Barton, who was dressed in all-black, left the building before later departing with his wife, who was donning a pink trouser suit. From 2018 to 2021, he served as manager of Fleetwood Town before joining League One club Bristol Rovers last year. After a League One match between his Fleetwood team and the South Yorkshire team at Oakwell on April 13, 2019, Barton was accused of pushing over then-Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel, leaving him bloodied and with a broken tooth, but the jury at Sheffield Crown Court in December found him not guilty.

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