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Joan Laporta: Lionel Messi is not driven by money

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Joan Laporta stays positive of holding Lionel Messi, one of the few candidates in the running for the Barcelona presidency.

As questions linger over Messi following Barcelona’s 4-1 rout at the hands of PSG in the first leg of the blockbuster last-16 tie on Tuesday, Laporta, one of the few candidates in the presidential running, remains hopeful of retaining the 33-year-old.

According to presidential candidate Joan Laporta, Lionel Messi is not driven by money as he sees titles in the midst of confusion about his Barcelona future.

“Giving him affection is very important,” Laporta told Sky Sport Italia. “The love story between Messi and Barcelona is one of the most beautiful stories in football.”

“He has to be loved. He deserves it. And he has to be valued with an economic offer that makes him feel valued, but he’s not led by money.”

“I know him, I have a good relationship with him and a lot of respect.”

“He’s a winner. What he wants is to win again, with Barcelona. I’m going to do everything I can to keep him. Our competitors are state clubs, they are making offers.”

“We have to be clear that money doesn’t guarantee titles, and Leo is more about winning titles than making money.”

Laporta added: “He makes more money than he costs, much more. Messi’s cost represents eight percent of the club’s total income, while he generates around 30 percent of the income.”

“Messi is very profitable for Barcelona, but the most important thing is the emotional return he gives us.”

“It’s priceless when you ask a young boy or girl who their favorite player is and they immediately say, Messi.”

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