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Joan Laporta: chances of Messi staying at Barcelona are greater if I win

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Joan Laporta, Barcelona presidential candidate has talked about the future of Blaugrana striker Lionel Messi at the club.

“I think that if I win, the chances of Messi staying at Barcelona are greater, but that doesn’t mean it will definitely happen,” said Laporta to As.

“Leo knows that I will love him and I will make sure he leaves the club through the front door in three or four years. I want the same for Busquets, Jordi Alba and Pique.”

“I will create the strongest team in the world. Messi knows the economic situation we are in. The other candidates don’t have the same relationship with Messi as I do.

I feel that Leo wants to stay. And if he asks me for advice, as his father did in 2006 when Leo had a cosmic offer from Inter, I will tell him not to leave.”

“He needs the fans and they thank him for everything he does for the club.” 

Barcelona’s presidential election will be held on March 7.

Rupal Purohit
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