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Joan Laporta: Barcelona has repeatedly lied to Lionel Messi

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Barcelona’s presidential candidate Joan Laporta has opened up about the situation surrounding Blaugrana captain Lionel Messi.

“I’m sure Messi wants to stay at Barcelona. It all depends on the offer the new president makes him. He needs to see that it will be a competitive team to revive the love story between Barca and the Champions League. It has been put on pause in recent years,” Laporta told ESPN.

“The club has repeatedly lied to him and, on top of that, things have not gone the way everyone wanted. Messi is at a point in his career where he still wants to be successful and take trophies.”

“He cannot continue to accept that other teams win the Champions League and Barca, with Lionel, the best player in football history, does not have a competitive enough squad to be able to win the tournament.”

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