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JJ Sports apologized for the unfortunate mistake

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Thomas Partey’s agents asked forgiveness for a post uploaded on their Instagram handle, mentioned the possible next clubs for the Atletico Madrid star.

Recently the future of the midfielder was a hot topic, with Arsenal being interested in signing international Ghana.

Partey had entered into negotiations with the Gunners over a summer move-only to deny any truth in the reports of his managers, JJ Sports, announced his father the previous week.

On Wednesday after posting a picture on their Instagram handle the agency itself added more fuel to the fire, asking fans to choose his next club. The picture was originally designed by Transfermarkt. 

The message-a screenshot from a Transfermarkt post-listed as Partey’s possible destinations Manchester United, Arsenal, PSG, Bayern Munich, and Juventus but it was removed later that day.

The organization has now released an apologizing statement for the “unfortunate mistake” and promised to conduct an internal investigation.


The agency assured to perform an internal investigation also released an apologizing statement for the “unfortunate mistake.”

The article, translated from Spanish, read: “With regard to the publication made on our Instagram account today, Wednesday, April 29, 2020, about the future of our player Thomas Partey, from J.J. Sport Managers, we wish to say that this publication has not been accepted by the company’s management.”

“The publication has been deleted as soon when we became informed of its presence, and the passwords for all of our social accounts have been changed to limit access only to important staff. With this statement, we want to provide some clarification on any misunderstandings that might happen.”

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