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Jamie Carragher thinks Liverpool needs to work on transfers, its tough to get into top 4

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has given his point of view on Merseyside’s problems.

“Liverpool are lacking goals. They don’t look like they’re about to score. It’s not even about the matches where they don’t score – there’s not even a sense that there will be goals. With 20 minutes left in the match, there’s no sense that Liverpool is about to score,” said Carragher to Sky Sports.

“Liverpool needs to do some serious work in the transfer market in terms of bringing in someone to help score. It will be difficult for Liverpool to get into the top 4 as Chelsea are really impressive, they do have a top line-up.”

“There’s a famous phrase said by Klopp that his pressing is better than any ‘ten’, but if you look at Liverpool now, it seems like they need a ‘ten’. They need that type of player because the pressing is a bit off right now.”

“Without quality pressing, they need help in creating chances. Liverpool doesn’t have anyone who can give the last pass.”

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