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Ivo Pulcini forced to resign for illegal training sessions

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Lazio had arranged a three v three training session, with games lasting five minutes each, wrote Corriere Della Sera newspaper.

Until Monday players are not allowed to attend group training, If reports of illegal training routines turn to be true, Lazio’s Chief medic promised to resign.

Speaking to Radio Punto Nuovo, Lazio chief medic Ivo Pulcini told: “I read the report and the photograph they used is an old one.” 

“The club assures me, it is not true, and if it were, I would be forced to resign. I have to take responsibility, but what more can I do if workers do not follow suggestions? I was not there, as I cannot spend the entire day watching every session, I can only make recommendations.”

The Players ‘Association and Agents’ Association today issued statements protesting that the requirement for a whole squad to quarantine for 15 days if one person is tested positive means that the very real risk of the season will be halted again.

“It’s an excuse so they can really say no,” added Pulcini.

Meanwhile, CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) President Giovanni Malagò also commented on the reported illegal Lazio training session.

“I don’t know if it’s true, but if it was, that would be disrespectful,” he said in a video press conference.

He praised the decision to set up a group of inspectors who will visit the training grounds and ensure teams are sticking to the rules. 

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