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It will be a slow and steady process before returning on the field – Gordon Taylor

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Chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association Gordon Taylor said that in the Restart Project program, Players in the Premier League may not want to be used as guinea pigs.

The professional sport will be allowed to restart on June 1 announced by the British Government on Monday as the world is expecting to slowly return to normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League is reported to be operating to restart matches on June 12  which has been on pause since March.

Taylor said Speaking to Sky Sports: “It’s never pleasant because we’ve been told to sit indoors for about six weeks, so over the next few minutes it’s the beginning of what’s known as the lightening of such restrictions.” 

“The players don’t want to be used as guinea pigs so that’s going to apply to everybody in competitive sport.”

“It’s about finding the safety balance and doing as hard as possible to get back to normality.”

The teams will first return to full training and until the league can return to the field it will be a slow and steady process, confirmed Taylor.

He further added“It’s going to be a staged process to learn about returning to training. There’s going to be five phases and its patience on the way out.”

“We should place our foot back in the water when things are smoothed back over, keeping in mind that there may be backbite and that’s when the medical professionals come in.”

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