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Inter’s Lautaro claims to be second in Serie A after Juventus earned Scudetto 

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Inter forward Lautaro Martinez promised to ‘arrive charged’ in Bergamo and announced that the Nerazzurri ‘seeks to end as high as possible’.

Lautaro has targeted second in the League, he was on fire on Tuesday night as Inter crushed Napoli 2-0.

“We’ve claimed we wanted second after competing against Genoa.” the Argentine told Inter TV, via Football Italia

“We know the Scudetto has been earned by another squad so we want to end as high as we can.”

Yesterday’s stunning strike against Napoli is up there with his best goals at Inter, confirmed the 22-year-old.

“The goal in Madrid’s friendly last year was also good, and so were Dortmund and Prague. Ranking them is difficult but it was really fun.”

Next, the Inter trip to Bergamo must guarantee the winner second in Series A.

“We are arriving in perfect form for the game against Atalanta,” Lautaro said.

“These next two days we’ll operate well and arrive ready to do what’s required to win and hold the second position.”