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Inter and Real Madrid in links with Sergio Aguero

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Real Madrid and Inter Milan are linked to connect with Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero during the summer transfer.

Argentina International is approaching 10 years as a City player and only has a little over 12 months to complete its current deal.

As a City player Argentina International is reaching 10 years and his current deal he has left with a little over 12 months.

According to Italian transfer analyst Nicolo Schira, Madrid and Inter want to talk to Aguero about starting a new challenge, though the 31-year-old gave no hint that he would like to leave Etihad Stadium at the end of the campaign.

Apparently, the two clubs were in touch with the prolific striker’s agent to find out if he will be able to join when the transfer window opens.

City is said to be keen to retain its all-time leading goal scorer, who has 23 goals in 30 games this season.

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