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Iniesta: Vidal has a lot to give to Barcelona 

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Andres Iniesta has leaped in Arturo Vidal’s defense.

Vidal has a lot to give the squad thinks the iconic former Blaugrana midfielder, but the suitability of the Chilean to the way of playing in Barcelona is often questioned.

“He is a great player, that’s nothing new,” he told Canal de Futbol de Chile.

“He is a fundamental part of the teams he has played for and the national team.”

“There are many opinions about the style of Barcelona, but a great player like him obviously has a place,” Iniesta mentioned.

“He has shown it and has always contributed with his qualities.”

“Arturo covers a lot of ground. He goes forward a lot, tracks bak. He links up well and is a very physically strong player.”

“He is very capable of playing for a team like Barcelona. Teams have to look for variability.”

He has played with many prominent Chileans like Claudio Bravo and Alexis Sanchez during his long careers in Barcelona. When Vidal arrived at Camp Nou, Iniesta left in 2018.

“He left a great memory in the seasons he was there,” Iniesta said of Bravo.

“He was a wall,” he added.

On Sanchez, Iniesta also recalled positive aspects.

“He is a striker who has splendid qualities in one-on-one battles and is very fast.”