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In the French point of a game system, Hellas Verona and Parma could takeover Milan

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Milan will drop below Hellas Verona and Parma, with Lecce, SPAL, and Brescia If Serie A were to end early and use the French points for the game system.

Even in a scenario where certain teams played more games than others, a statement indicated that the final table was determined using points per game. Ligue 1 was precisely called off today.

Calcio e Finanza determined that the top four would remain unchanged, If the same system were to be extended to Serie A, meaning that Juventus, Lazio, Inter, and Atalanta would join the Champions League.

The seventh position would be altered as Roma and Napoli will depart the Europa League, but this is because Verona and Parma after playing 25 games have 35 points, while Milan has 36 points with 26.

As normal in Italy, the head-to-head record is used to determine when teams are level on points, which is another issue.

Hellas Verona will be at the top with + 3 compared to + 1. If It would most likely be based instead on the goal gap, as the season ended early, this is not possible in the case of Verona and Parma.

Likewise, Lecce’s goal differential is worse than Genoa, and along with SPAL and Brescia, they’d be in the relegation zone.

As clubs have already taken legal action, the possibility of this occurring in Italy is exceedingly low,

While Series A had nothing to use as a guideline, the French league already had this possibility written in the rulebook.

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