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“I think the guys are quite fit, they trained well at home”: Hasenhuttl

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To come up with a game plan to overthrow them tomorrow evening, Ralph Hasenhuttl is clear that he knows the Norwich team enough.

By winning against Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 in a back-closed-door friendly, Norwich boosted their preparations for the draw tonight.

Hasenhuttl when asked if he’s arranged to get hold of any footage from the Canaries’ warm-up tie, he said: 

“We have our information about this opponent. I remember well the opposition meeting in the final week and then on Thursday everything was canceled so we’ve had a lot of time to learn about this opponent – as they’ve had with us.”  

“We know what to expect and it’ll be an interesting game against an opponent that’s maybe looking at its last chance to stay in the league. It will be a tough game.” 

“We showed some good away games and starting with an away game in this special situation without a crowd I think will be interesting and nobody knows exactly what level his team is at.”

“That’s the same at every club because of only one test game so everyone has to handle it and it should be an interesting and intense time I think.”

Hasenhuttl also revealed before the tie on Friday evening that some of the players are fitter than they were before the March season was brought to a halt.

he added for Daily Echo, “I think the guys are quite fit, they trained well at home. I think some are in an even better physical condition because they could concentrate work on their deficits which gives me the impression that we’re quite fit.”