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Hotspur manager: I had no bench to react

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On Friday’s Premier League return, Jose Mourinho complained that he had “no bench to react”, after Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United.

“There are things I am happy and frustrated about,” Mourinho told Sky Sports after the game.

“What did I like? I liked the attitude of the team, the organization, the control, the solidity.”

“Unhappy with the fact that I had no bench to respond to it in the way I was reading the game. We were exhausted upfront as they were more aggressive and couldn’t move forward.”

“Defensively, the team performed good job-they had two dangerous attempts stopped by Hugo Lloris, and nothing more. Everything had been under control. We’d been solid with the ball for 70 minutes before we had the power and we understood what we needed to do.”

“I have to confess I’d love to see Lucas Moura here for the last 15 minutes, Dele Alli too. The last 15 minutes have been rough for us.”

“Lucas and Dele are players who we need and who we could feel today. As you look to their bench and then to ours you see the difference in attacking options. Hopefully, they’ll be back for West Ham because replacing players is very, very essential at this moment.”

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