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Hoever wants to stay at Liverpool but open for a loan transfer

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At Liverpool, Ki-Jana Hoever is anticipating a long-term future but also looking opportunities for a loan transfer in 2020-21 to be made.

Right now Hoever has no issue with that, explaining to Bleacher Report: “I am satisfied at Liverpool. I can’t say if there is some other club where I would like to compete in.”

“I just enjoyed watching the Premier League for the game before joining Liverpool but now my passion is Liverpool.”

“I currently see myself as a right-back. I’m a right-back player who can playback in the center, “he said.

“I’m not emotionally up for a whole season of playing center-back. I might be ready when I’m 25 but I like the attacking aspect as a right-back.”

“In my game like Trent, I have a dream, where I can put people away. I hope I can be the one who sets up and helps other players. I want to continue competing at the highest possible level for as many games as possible.”

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